BullChipMeet 2020

Abbeville       LFOI

May 21 - 22 - 23 - 24


Nice people...   Nice flying...  Nice food.

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The "Baie de Somme", situated at barely 20 kilometers from Abbeville Airfield, is a beautiful region to view from the air and offers furthermore a wide range of things to discover for the non-flying crew members.   


Did you know that the Baie de Somme, consists of … 

  • 72 km of coast line, of which only 15% is built up
  • 70 kmof estuary
  • 3000 hectare of nature reserve
  • 3 colorful little harbours: Le Hourdel, Le Crotoy and Saint Valery sur Somme
  • 5 seaside resorts: Ault Onival, Le Crotoy, Quend Plage, Cayeux sur Mer and Fort-Mahon Plage
  • 44 km of segregated cycle facilities
  • 28 km of railway with an old fashioned steam train
  • 2 protected natural sites: Hourdel/Cap Hornu and Marquenterre 
  • A colony of harbor seals
  • The Henson horse breed
  • One of France's major sites for migrating birds